APL extends resource to professors at Saint Joseph's College

Kathleen Gibson, Founder and CEO of APL (Adjunct Professor Link), communicated today with President Robert Pastoor of Saint Joseph's College offering to help connect any faculty of Saint Joseph's College who are looking for teaching positions with other higher education institutions. APL has a high concentration of partner institutions in the midwest and has offered services to all the faculty at Saint Joseph at no cost.

APL matches experts and educators with higher education institutions seeking part-time, full-time, short-term or international faculty. Experts and educators create a free profile with APL that focuses on their skills, education, expertise, and experience and then they are matched with opportunities in higher education that require their unique qualifications. APL hopes to match many Saint Joseph faculty members with a new and promising teaching opportunities.

About APL: Adjunct Professor Link (APL) is the only digital platform that matches qualified adjuncts with the busy deans, chairs, and directors who hire them. Using an institution's specific hiring requirements, APL's proprietary software digitally generates profiles of pre-qualified experts/educators who are interested, available and willing to work for the compensation being offered. These extensive profiles are presented in the institution's private, secure digital portal. APL's faculty recruiting solution helps institutions find and hire the best adjunct faculty.    

APL now offers additional faculty hiring software solutions around retaining, training, managing and reporting on adjunct faculty. 

APL also consults with higher education institutions to create a plan to ensure that they have the best adjunct faculty teaching their students.

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